Hi there! I've just wanted to pass by and tell you "thank you". Thank you for creating this amazing blog that brought me so many smiles in the last time. Specially today. Thank you for making me smile with the things you reblog. Thank you for being such a fangirl. I want you to know that I've just got tumblr only to leave you this words, cuz I read you've been having a bad time with anons lately... So, here I am, bringing some love and not knowing how to use tumblr. Anyway, have a nice day! :)

AWWWH thank you sooo much I really appreciate it! I’m glad that my blog brings a smile to your face :)

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Robin: It doesn’t have to be this way, Terra! I was Slade’s apprentice once; I got out, so can you!

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Love Teen Titans!

Yo same

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 I am sorry to disappoint you, but I’m stronger than I look.

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teen titans hugs (◕‿◕✿)

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Teen Titans Minimalist Wallpapers

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a pregnant raven is still a pretty much a self-sufficient raven

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wait i forget if your birthday was today or yesterday, im such a terrible person. happy birhtday anyway! (whenever it was)

Yesterday! But thank you!

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Wait Kristen, is your birthday today (April 10)? My birthday is today!

Yeah it was April 10th! Happy birthday to you too!

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